Erik G. Warner  Decorative Salvage specializes in the fine refinishing of mid-century and modern wood furniture.

Thonet chair restored by Erik Warner, 2015.

Thonet chair restored by Erik Warner, 2015.


Erik and his wife Mary launched their business as Mid-Century Vibe in August 2011, focusing their picking efforts on mid-century furniture and housewares, selling their items through several venues. Erik honed his refinishing and restoration skills to bring furniture that looked ready for a burn pile back to beautiful and useful condition.

With the ever-changing nature of the vintage market, in 2015, Erik and Mary decided to rebrand the business as Erik G. Warner Decorative Salvage, using Erik’s name to broaden the products and services offered to customers. Erik continues his quest to pick great mid-century and modern pieces, but he does so with a punk rock attitude, throwing quirky, kitschy, and unusual decorative items into the mix.

Many of our furniture items are available at MidModMen+friends in St. Paul, MN.

If you are looking for something specific, call 320-630-4697 or send an email to warner.erikg@gmail.com. Invoices for specific items not available through MidModMen can be sent via Square or Paypal.

To see more of Erik’s refinishing work, view his portfolio or visit him on Facebook.

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