Mid-Century Inspired Surfboard Coffee Table

Sometimes, inspiration strikes you and you just have to do something with it. A while back, we picked up a Johnson-Carper dresser. Not sure why we picked it up, considering the state it was in. Loose parts, broken parts, and about 5 coats of paint in various colors didn’t deter us from thinking we could save it. Well….we were wrong. It was just too far gone. Now, we’re not the kind of folks who want to be filling up the local landfill any more than we really have to so we set out to re-purpose what we could salvage from the remains of what used to be a lovely dresser and here is what we came up with.

Our very first foray into crafting Mid-Century inspired furniture is this surfboard coffee table. We stripped, and stripped, and stripped paint from the dresser top, laid out the shape, hand cut it (well, OK…we used a jig saw), sanded it, lightly stained it, and then gave it 3 coats of lacquer. We chamfered the top under to give it a thinner profile and lighter feel.

The legs mounts were salvaged from a vintage coffee table (or what was left of one) that, like the dresser, was also beyond repair. The legs are newly sourced but period appropriate and stain matched to the top.

MCM inspired Surfboard Coffee Table
MCM inspired Surfboard Coffee Table
MCM inspired Surfboard Coffee Table
MCM inspired Surfboard Coffee Table

Though the legs may be new, the hardware and the elliptical shape are as vintage as the feeling this one of a kind, hand crafted piece evokes.

51.5″l x 18.25″w x 12.75″h.


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