Unshabbying the Chic Restoration Video on YouTube

Hey, all – It’s been almost two years to the day since we announced we were hanging up the spray gun and getting out of the furniture refinishing business. And, yes, we did indeed close our business. Erik’s back simply won’t allow him to do this sort of work on a full-time basis.

However, he has done a few refinishing projects as a hobby, taking the time he needs to work on each project, with breaks (sometimes days long) for letting his body rest in between.

One of the things Erik always wanted to do while running the business was to record a video of a project, but we never had time. Now that refinishing is a hobby, he had the time needed to tackle a video, which is very much its own project outside the refinishing part. (YouTubers haveĀ  said that making videos IS the job, more so than the content.)

Erik’s first video is now available on YouTube. It’s called “Unshabbying the Chic: Mid Century Modern Dresser Restoration.” It is between 22 and 23 minutes long. In it, he goes through the process of removing paint, making repairs, and restoring the finish of an American of Martinsville lowboy dresser from the Accord line.

Have a look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UB80sqSpriE

Erik is considering making additional videos. If there is some part of the restoration process you’d like more detail on, let us know.

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American of Martinsville Accord dresser, before and after, April 2021.
American of Martinsville Accord dresser, before and after, April 2021.