Mid-Century Vibe and MidModMen Extend Stay

Previously we, here at Mid-Century Vibe, told you about our partnership with the fine fellows at MidModMen. We joined forces with them in order to open a bricks and mortar retail space in St. Paul, MN, with a limited lease. Originally, we had signed a four month lease just to see how things would go; if they went well we’d see what we’d do next and, if they didn’t go so well, we’d pack it in, call it a day, and be glad for all the fun we had.

As it turns out, it went well enough that we have decided to sign a one year lease and commit to staying in our new neighborhood for as long as we are welcome. We love the space, the neighborhood, the restaurants, the other mid century and vintage shops, and, well, the overall vibe of the place.

The store is called MidModMen+friends and we are the “+friends” part of the equation. We are regularly open Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 – 5:00 with occasional Friday hours. The store is located at 2401 University Avenue, St. Paul, MN.

Here’s a link to a press release officially announcing our stay.

Whatever They Call It Sunday

MidModMen+friends Holiday Shopping
MidModMen+friends Holiday Shopping

We’ve got a big weekend planned following Thanksgiving at MidModMen+friends. Naturally, we’ll be open on Black Friday … and with extended hours, too.

The Saturday following Thanksgiving has become known as Small Business Saturday in order to promote shopping at small businesses. Perfect for our small business, however it’s also Go Green Saturday. MidModMen+friends will be celebrating because we are located on Metro Transit’s Green Line along University Avenue. Buses on the Green Line are free that day for shoppers, plus there are lots of special events at stores along the way. See here for more details. We’ll be serving cider, collecting TOYS FOR TOTS, and giving shoppers the chance to enter a drawing for gift certificates for the holiday season.

After Black Friday and Go Green Saturday, it just doesn’t seem right that the Sunday after Thanksgiving doesn’t have a name, so Neal of MidModMen has dubbed the day “Whatever They Call It Sunday.” Seems appropriate.

Here are MidModMen+friends store hours for these special days:

– Black Friday (10 AM-6 PM)
– Go Green Saturday (10 AM-6 PM)
– Whatever They Call It Sunday (11 AM-5 PM)

PLEASE bring a TOYS FOR TOTS donation if you can, and ring in the holidays with us.

We’re located at 2401 University Avenue West in St. Paul.

Chair Affair at MidModMen+friends

Hey, all – With the busy-ness that comes with opening a store, we’ve been scarce around this here blog. We’ve had a great couple of weekends at MidModMen+friends (Mid-Century Vibe is part of the “+friends”) and we’re getting ready for another weekend full of interesting customers. One feature you’ll notice about MidModMen+friends is that we love to chat, so please stop by to talk and enjoy the clean, modern furniture, sparkly barware and fun decor.

This weekend we are featuring chairs in our Chair Affair.

Chair Affair, MidModMen+friends, October 27-28, 2012
Chair Affair, MidModMen+friends, October 27-28, 2012

Someone better nab the lovely plaid chair in this pic before Ms. Vibe gets a hold of it.

To see other chairs available, stop by the store or visit our Facebook page and MidModMen’s Facebook page.