5 thoughts on “Basic Witz Dresser

  1. I have the low dresser that coordinates with this, and have been searching for the tall one. Do you still have this?

  2. Am looking for Basic With nightstands that match this dresser. If you should come across please email me. Thank you – N. Anselmi

  3. I too have the low dresser but I have a different question – I need to replace or repair the drawer slides. Do you have any idea at all where I can find the appropriate replacement slides?

    1. Hi, Andrea – To replace drawer slides in vintage dressers, you can look for other dressers of the same vintage to find ones that might match. Try to make sure the dresser is beyond repair before scavenging parts from it. We have found that most of these vintage parts, drawer slides, handles & etc. were much better made than most of what you can find today. If you are having trouble getting metal drawer slides to move because they are sticky, clean them thoroughly to get the gunk out, then spread a thin coat of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) in the glides to get things moving again … but only if the drawer slides are metal. Don’t do this if they are wood. Then you’ll want to find someone to help you repair them or scavenge them off another dresser.

      Mary Warner

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