StarTribune’s “2013 Best of MN”

MidModMen part of StarTribune's 2013 "Best of MN"
MidModMen part of StarTribune’s 2013 “Best of MN”

The StarTribune has recognized MidModMen+friends  in St. Paul, MN, as their pick for best “MidCentury Furniture and Accessories” in the “2013 Best of MN”  special section.  We here at Mid-Century Vibe are very proud to be a part of MidModMen+friends (we’re the “+friends” part) and are honored by this recognition from the StarTribune.

The article points out that MidModMen+friends is part of the “retro ghetto” along University Avenue. Businesses that cater to fans of retro furniture and accessories include Spinario, located in the Art & Architecture Building, Classic Retro @ Pete’s at University and Vandalia, and, the forerunner of us all, Succotash, around the corner from MidModMen on Raymond Avenue. Succotash has been in business for close to 20 years and owners Noreen and Paul have made us feel welcome in the neighborhood.

Thanks to the StarTribune for this unexpected honor. Thanks also to all of the people who’ve supported MidModMen+friends by stopping in to the store, following us on social media and loving the  mid-century and modern life.